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Dec 9, 2013 2:00am EST
analysis. turning to technology. technology countries have called on president obama and congress -- onose greater surveillance. >> they want to governments not just the u.s. government to change the way they carry out their electronic surveillance programs. of theiggest -- eight biggest companies have signed a letter to president obama and congress that will go in the papers today. they have done this before. the difference is they are more angry. it is a populist tone. that are more specific. one thing they want is to limit the government authority to collect user information stop we heard the google ceo and he is quoted in the letter and he said, we have been tried to off our game with encryption to protect user data. whenever government is taking a information, that is not worth a whole lot. he is talking about a program called muscular when we had the smiley face emoticon under the nsa slide that indicated exactly how the nsa is collecting data from google and yahoo! where their internal servers meet the public internet and how they are taking tens of millions of records every day. he
Dec 10, 2013 1:00am EST
over television at the times on your screen. >> president obama and oprah winfrey are just some of the heads of state and dignitaries due to visit the memorial service of nelson mandela today. many are comparing it to the funeral of jfk back in the early 60's. >> this is one of the biggest gatherings of world leaders. we have not seen something like --s sincerely 1960s something like this since the early 1960s. royalty from around the world, and about 75 people. what is fascinating is the true message of reconciliation that he always talked about. people that will be talking will be president barack obama, and cuban president ronald castro, and the rainy president roos on -- hassan rouhani will be present. hopefully this will be a time where people can reconcile. >> as is often the case, it is the absentees that are just as notable. >> we fax it got most of the countries that have been represented across the world. syria is not going to be attending. we know that some countries have not even come out with any kind of show of gratitude or grievance at all. this is going to be intere
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2013 3:00pm EST
attributable to the affordable care act, to obama thecare and other federal regulations so that is a worry for some employers and on consumer spending, the report said, quote, increased in almost all districts at a modest to moderate pace going into the holiday shopping season. liz: markets and dictated the data. we have come out of the laws but no way in here where we began the day. tomorrow could change all. we got the gdp number, let's bring in traders from the stock exchange, looking at ten year yield, it touched 2.85, that got people wondering what is going on because stocks were not a great place to look at. >> that had to do with the strong numbers you were talking about where you have seen rates hiccup and people take money off of the table, one number interesting agree with you the way as been a buckle your seat belt and whiplashed day between unchanged and higher or lower but the iso number was the only weak number, it was not that week. 0 little weaker than expected and we rallied off of it so again i have been talking about a glass half full and this is the first day of trading
FOX Business
Dec 3, 2013 3:00pm EST
controversial. there is breaking news, wall street journal reporting the obama administration raising concerns with south korea about their plans to let the chinese telecom giant develop south korea's wireless network u.s. officials according to the journal are fighting a risk that while the equipment could be used for spying on communications among the allies this obviously plays into the news we had from earlier today, under fire in recent years by some members of congress, have been increasingly concerned about who owns access to private information. in 2012 house intelligence chairman michael rogers, republican from michigan said we have to be certain chinese telecommunications companies working in the united states can be trusted with access to our critical infrastructure. fast forward to this month and what seems to be his second interview ever with the foreign press the ceo rendered that the chinese telecom giant plans to get out of the u.s. market. according to the chinese transcript that i looked at he told reporters if they get in the middle of u.s./china relations is not worth it. h
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4